3 Wonderful Health Benefits of Thai Cuisine Served At the Best Thai Restaurant London

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London is a multicultural city, usually filled with travellers from all over the world. Apart from outstanding cultural heritage, art museums, galleries and attractive tourist destinations, this place is also famous for its happening nightlife and amazing flavours offered by the Thailand Restaurant London.London is a multicultural city, usually filled with travellers from all over the world. Apart from outstanding cultural heritage, art museums, galleries and attractive tourist destinations, this place is also famous for its happening nightlife and amazing flavours offered by the Thailand Restaurant London.

Restaurants near Trafalgar Square are best known for the authentic Thai food they serve. Thai cuisine is not just rich in different flavours, such as sweet, spicy, and tangy, but it also offers some amazing health benefits. Let’s find them out.

1. Fights Cancer

Very few people are aware of the fact that Thai food helps reduce the risk of cancer. Its preparations involves usage of edible plants, which are tested to promote the anti-tumour activities. Photochemicals like Carotenoids and Flavonoids found in the Thai cuisine help in minimizing the risk of cancer. Almost all the ingredients like turmeric, galangal, coriander, lemongrass, and fresh chilies used in the Thai cooking have some or the other healing health benefits.

2. Good for Stomach

Various Thai dishes are made using galangal as the main ingredient. This super food is highly beneficial for stomach health and also helps in treating the gastrointestinal problems, particularly bloating. Galangals has various anti-bacterial properties that help treat inflammation of the stomach and provides effective remedies for ulcers in the stomach.

3. Aids Mental Health

If you have ever tasted Thai cuisine, you would be knowing for sure that they use ginger in whatever dish they make. The tradition of using ginger is not only restricted to only main Thai dishes. Even the sweet dishes and desserts are provided with a strong flavour of ginger. Ginger is known to help reduce anxiety and depression, and make a person more agile. Use of ginger has soothing effects on both mind and body, helping the people fighting various ailments.

Why dine at Thai Square?

Searching for the best Thai restaurant London has? Thai Square is one of the finest restaurants near Trafalgar square, serving Thai cuisine in its original flavours. The place offers mouth-watering dishes and refreshing drinks in Thai-inspired ambience to help the travellers get a lifetime dining experience.


This blog talks about some unique health benefits of Thai food served at the best Thai restaurant London.


Refresh your Life in Covent Garden – The Heart of London

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In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it gets difficult at times to handle things. Considering that, taking a break from the work becomes the best solution. It brings you back to life and gives you a better perspective to see the world. One of the ways to bring peace to your soul is to explore those locations where you have not been before.

If you are a foodie and love shopping, Covent Garden, London is an ideal location for you to hang out. For theatre lovers too, this place is a heaven. From post-theatre to pre theatre dinner london, you can enjoy a huge variety of Thai dishes at the finest Thai restaurant here. With a wide range of exciting deals available, everything from shopping to food, is going to be worth it.

Explore Till your Heart’s Content

Covent Garden is considered as one of the most happening tourist destinations in London. The venue offers a plethora of activities, giving you a real picture of city life in London. From world-class theatres, shopping malls, museums, art galleries to restaurants Covent Garden has, everything is committed to make your stay here memorable for life.

Get Authentic Thai Taste at Thai Square

To enjoy some exotic Thai delicacies in Covent Garden, you can try out Thai Square, the best Thai restaurant in the area. It is an award-winning restaurant that serves more than 900 unique Thai dishes. With Thai-inspired surroundings you will feel as if you are on a visit to Thailand.

Return with a Positive Approach

After leaving this beautiful city, you’ll return at your place with not only beautiful memories in life but also a positive approach toward things in life. In our day to day lives, we often get bored with monotonous stuff. And, in those situations, we just feel like pressing the F5 button in our mind from time to time. Traveling can work as an automatic refresh button, provided you choose the right destination.

3 Lesser Known Sauna Baths that you get only with Spa Deals in London


Sauna, often called as sweat bathing, is increasingly becoming popular in Londoners’ lives. The capital is increasingly taking out time for spa days London, for availing the extensive physical and mental benefits. Most spas also offer sauna treatments. However, do you know there are some special sauna treatments that you would find only in the best sauna London memo? We share with you some such sauna treatments and their specialty and relevance.

1. Smoke Sauna

This is one of the rare sauna types that uses a giant wood burning stove. Abundant wood is used for heating it up to very high temperatures. The sauna heater uses a large number of rocks, usually several hundreds of pounds, which are heated using the flames and smoke from the burning wood. The smoke, then enters the sauna room from the space between the rocks. Once the flame is out, sauna room is ventilated and it becomes ready for use. Smoke sauna provides a very effective and genuine sauna experience. But it is a time-consuming process.

2. Wood Burning Sauna

This is natural and simple sauna, where wood is utilized to warm the sauna rocks and the sauna room itself. The desired level of heating is easily adjusted by controlling the burning rate in the stove. For most regions, wood is cheap and this may show drop in your sauna London bill too. Besides the mild flame, a cracking sound around the wood pile makes for relaxing spa days London.

3. Infrared Sauna

This sauna treatment uses the principle of radiant heat. The emitters and other heating elements reflect the heat directly to the body of a person, instead of first heating the air or any stones. This sauna is best for use before or after a sports activity as a means to ease up the tension in the muscles.

Thai Square Spa: Avail First Class Spa and Sauna Services

Get the benefits of special sauna treatments at Thai Square Spa. Our expert therapists are completely professional and skilled. We provide services that are economical. In addition, we have several spa deals London, which can make our premium services fit easily in your budget.

It’s Time to Enjoy Authentic Pad Thai Noodles at the Best Thai Restaurant London

It’s Time to Enjoy Authentic Pad Thai Noodles at the Best Thai Restaurant London

Thai dishes epitomize simplicity and authenticity. There is surely something intriguing about their tantalizing flavors, aroma and authentic spices, which leaves us awe-struck and mesmerized. A perfect example is Pad Thai Noodles, which have always been a star dish in the menu of majority of places to eat in London, for years! These noodles are savored by people of all age groups. And, what better than enjoying the authentic taste of these fried flat noodles at Best Thai restaurant London has.

Hallmark of traditional Thai cooking, Pad Thai noodles offer a refreshing change from those stereotype boiled noodles. Today this Thai dish is satiating taste buds of millions, not leaving Londoners behind, who are fortunate enough to have witnessed various Thai restaurant London emerge, in all these years.  Here we explain, why you should try Pad Thai in place of regular noodles:

The Basic Difference

Most important difference lies in the method of cooking. Thai-style fried noodles are moderately stir-fried along with eggs, bean sprouts, shrimps, peanuts and tossed with fish sauce, which intensifies their taste and justifies them to be among the top dishes in the menu of every authentic Thai restaurant London has, unlike those lame boiled noodles, which are not fried in a wok.

Secret lies in the Wok


Exotic garnishes and a distinctive way of cooking in a wok make these noodles special. Fresh veggies toss up the color and unique flavors, making them deliciously delightful. A good wok made of heavy aluminium or stainless steel or even a traditional cast-iron woke can do the trick. A 14-inch diameter wok always works best, as it makes cooking of the whole dish easier. All the best places to eat in London are really particular, when it comes down to this aspect.

Best Thai Restaurant London

Thai Square is certainly the finest Thai restaurant in London. It offers some of the most authentic, indulging and appetizing Thai cuisines that one can find anywhere in this city.  The restaurant is ideally located and its Thailand-inspired ambiance works on your soul while the great food delights your taste buds. Do not miss a chance to avail some amazing restaurant deals London is giving you here.

Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

When travelling around the world, you’re certain to come to an authentic cuisine restaurant along the way. When customs differ extensively from place to place, it can be real tough to know how to follow the dining etiquettes. It is surprising to know that forks can be put in your mouth while eating French food but not while eating Thai food. There’s no usual need to use chopsticks either. Although you won’t see arcane cutlery or tightly buttoned collars, there are certain things about Thai table manners that diverge from western food conducts. We discuss some dos and don’ts which you should keep in mind while savouring your taste buds in a Thai restaurant.

– Do Eat with Your Spoon and Not Your Fork
There’s nothing wrong to stab the fork on a meat steak, but that is considered tacky. All the eating is supposed to be done with the fork. The fork is only used to push the food onto the spoon and then use the spoon for eating the food. Also, don’t look for knife, you won’t need one. Everything will already be cut up for you.

– Do Finish Everything on Your Plate
It is considered a decent behaviour to finish everything on your plate. Since Thai food is prepared after hours of toil, it leaves a good impression on the chef that you actually liked the food. And it also provides you a complete value for your money.

– Don’t Slurp
Slurping noodles is a part of Japanese tradition and is highly unacceptable in Thai culture. Eating noodles quietly is considered good manners. So next time you order Pad Thai in your favourite Thai restaurant, avoid slurping.

– Don’t Ask for Chopsticks
Use the chopsticks all you want, if they are provided. But do not ask for them in case they aren’t there. Thais use chopsticks only to eat bowl-served noodles. Dishes like pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao, Pad See Ew or any other noodle dish is generally served in a flat plate and is supposed to be eaten with spoon and fork.

Thai Square for a True Thai Experience

Thai square has many feathers to its hat, being a multiple time award winner for ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ and much more honorary accomplishments. Now opened at the posh area of Richmond, London, the restaurant is pleasuring the taste buds of thousands. One of the most reputed Richmond restaurants, the eatery keeps the dishes 100% authentic and ambience Thai inspired, to give you a pure Thai experience.

4 Benefits of Visiting a Nail Salon

4 Benefits of Visiting a Nail Salon

Why let the effect of all your hard work and stress be visible in the nails of your hands and feet? It is time to take good care of your nails by spending some spa days London. Nail salons in London, with different nail treatments, provide you with all the essential emollients that rejuvenate your skin and nails and make them healthier and softer. They help you to improve the health of your finger nails and toe nails and promote faster growth by well moisturizing the cuticles. There are myriad of benefits of visiting a nail salon London, let’s have a look at four of them.

  • Preserves Skin Moisture

Massaging with oils and lotions preserves the moisture and integrity of your nails. Moisturized nails are less likely to get blisters, cracks, or fungal infections. To prevent your nails from growing out with ridges or split ends, it is highly important to keep your cuticles nourished. Use of wax and creams cleanses, exfoliates and improves the texture of nails and skin.

  • Tidy, Well-Shaped and Strong Nails

Regular treatments of manicure and pedicure prevents and addresses common issues such as deformed toe nails, fungal nails, thickened nails, brittle nails, curved nails, bitten nails and even the inappropriate usage of artificial nails. In classic treatment, nails are soaked in warm water, trimmed and shaped, and the cuticles are conditioned with vitamin E cuticle oil. Cuticle grooming, buffing, lotion hand massage, hot towel wrap is all taken care of. All this keeps your nails clean, well-shaped and strong.

  • Relaxes the body

Stress is a buzzword nowadays, isn’t it? Everybody is stressed out with something or the other and amidst of all this, it has become important to give that much needed time to yourself. Regular manicure and pedicure can be very relaxing, this can help you relieve stress and is therapeutic. We all know massage therapy eases tensions, stiffness of body and ensures well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best Spa deals London.

  • Boosts Your Confidence

When you are in a good mood everything seems right, especially when you see your skin glowing and youthful. Well, who doesn’t like beauty and colours? It is certainly a confidence booster for a woman. Giving your hands and feet a chance to shine with your favourite colours is the best thing you will ever gift yourself.

Immerse Yourself in Total Relaxation

Allow you to pause and refresh your body, mind and spirit. Thai Square Spa offers authentic spa sessions, which ensures use of finest natural spa products to deliver highly visible results that leave skin feeling relaxed, smoothed, tightened and rejuvenated. All the treatments are individually tailored, with a soothing selection of signature services and products. Grab the best Spa deals London today!

Demystifying Thai Food for Newbies

Demystifying Thai Food for Newbies

Thai cuisine is incredibly delicious and assorted – no wonder it is one of the most favoured takeout choices in the world. It has been gathering positive remarks across the globe. No matter where you live or if you have been to Thailand or not, Thai food is truly international. Bold, pungent and carrying a unique flavour, Thai cuisine is one of the most preferred ones in London, whether on street or in traditional Thai food restaurants. You will find many colours and ingredients in simple Thai dishes as they are cooked with garden fresh vegetables, herbs like mint, lemon grass, meat and each dish has some major flavours including sweet, salty, sour and spicy.

This discussion is an overview of most popular Thai dishes and will introduce you with the basics and give ideas of what to order on your first visit to a Thai restaurant.

1. Soups for Starters
Thai soups are flavoured with herbs and ingredients like galangal (ginger roots) and lemongrass, which are not strained out and you are not supposed to eat them. They are added to give your soup a nice flavour. One of the most common Thai soups is Tom Yum – considered to be the national aroma of Thailand. It is prepared with an abundance of fragrant herbs which include lime leaves, galangal, shallots and lemongrass. The flavour is further complemented and enriched with jumbo shrimps and mushrooms in order to create this truly remarkable Thai dish.

2. Noodles and Rice Dishes
Noodles and rice are one of the tastiest and most recognizable Thai dishes. For first timers, Pad Thai is a good option to start with as it is foreign enough to be unacquainted and generally well-liked. Pad Thai- the quintessential Thai dish is cooked with flat rice noodles, broccoli and chicken stir fried in soy and fish sauce. Rice can be paired with any soup and curry. You will find a wide range of desserts in which the main ingredient is rice. You can start with Thai egg fried rice tossed with fresh chilies, vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, dry chili and ground peanuts.

3. Curries
Thai curry is pleasingly sweet and slightly spicy – it instantly fascinates the hearts and stomachs of all those who sample this chef-d’oeuvre of oriental cuisine. This dish incorporates many fresh ingredients like herbs, vegetables and meat. What distinguishes Thai curries from other Asian curries is coconut milk, which adds a sweet and creamy flavour. For beginners, Massaman curry would be the best choice as it contains roasted peanuts, potatoes, cinnamon, sugar, bay leaves, tamarind sauce and you can choose between tofu and meat. Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves add even more distinct flavouring.

If you are looking for a place to try out the best Thai food in London then Thai Square is one of the best Thai restaurant chains in London that serves authentic Thai food and is also considered one of the best in London restaurant deals. Just type Thai restaurants near me on your phone and find your nearest Thai Square outlet.