Try out some of the most authentic Italian dishes in Soho – The heart of London

Try out some of the most authentic Italian dishes in Soho – The heart of London

When we think about London, the first few things that come to our mind are its beautiful landscapes, high-class lifestyle, and amalgamation of diverse cultures and traditions. All these things together make London one of the most happening places in the world, where you can find authentic cuisine from across the globe getting served. From Asian, French to Italian, you will get a fine treat of multi-cultural cuisines in London.

If you are one of those who are obsessed with cheese then you surely cannot resist yourself from having cheesy Italian food, which is served at the Italian restaurants in Soho, London. You must have tried Italian dishes like risotto and pizza but authentic Italian food has a lot to offer apart from all this. This discussion is about Italian dishes. Towards the end we would also be sharing some details about Rustiko, the best Italian restaurant in Soho, London

  1. In case you have quick craving for snacks – Italian Starters are a perfect choice

You get to taste the delicious prawn cocktail – a mix of fresh prawns, vegetables and cheese tossed in salt, vinegar, mayo and creamy avocado. You can also have garden fresh mixed grilled vegetables, Italy’s best salted ricotta cheese, balsamic glaze, dry Parma ham and juicy Cantaloupe melon being served as starters.

  1. Main course meals that will leave you longing for more

Choose from an amazing range of main course meals that include authentic pennette pasta tossed with smoked salmon, artichokes and extra creamy cream or pizza caprese, which is served with fresh tomato, basil toppings and mozzarella cheese and exotic chicken caesar salad.

  1. A sweet treat if you have a sweet tooth

Traditional Italian dessert Panna cotta raspberry is loved by every foodie and is made with thickened cream and gelatine. Coffee, vanilla, and rum are added for a tempting aroma. You can also go for Italian mini doughnuts filled with apple and raisins.

London has a number of Italian restaurants and Rustiko is certainly the finest among them. What makes Rustiko, the best Italian restaurant in London is its traditional Italian food and a friendly environment where you can feel like being at home. Rustiko philosophy is to bring the vintage Soho experience back to London, and they look forward to share it with you!


Two must-have Traditional Thai Desserts at the best Thai restaurant in London

London offers a variety of cuisines to relish the taste buds of travellers coming from different parts of the world. Thai food is one of the most loved menu options here. However, not many people know that Thai food is not just about signature dishes like Pad Thai or Som tum (green papaya salad). There is much more to look for in Thai cuisine such as Thai desserts. Here we are telling you about two traditional Thai desserts that you must taste at Thai Square, one of the most authentic Thai restaurant in London.

1. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a mouth-watering and simple-to-cook summer dessert from Thailand. It is one of the most common Thai desserts, which is served both at the streets of Thailand and high-class Thai restaurants in London. The main ingredients of this dish are mango, sticky rice, sugar, and coconut cream. Preparation involves soaking the rice first, and then cooking it in thick coconut cream and sugar. Served with ripe mango slices with some topping of grated coconut and coconut cream, this Thai dessert not just looks delightful but also tastes very delicious.

2. Bua loy

Bua loy literally means “floating lotus”. Bua loy is a soupy dessert, which is made with thick coconut milk and glutinous rice flour. First, the coconut milk is cooked with sugar and salt. Then the flour is kneaded and tiny balls are made. The flour balls are then cooked in sweetened coconut milk and they can be filled with taro or sesame seeds. Pumpkin is an optional choice; you can have the one with both rice flour balls and pumpkin, or the one without it. The balls are soft but chewy. Bua loy is a common street treat found on the streets of Thailand and is also served as an authentic Thai dessert at Thai restaurants in London.

These are a few of those lip-smacking Thai desserts, which are served in the best Thai restaurant in London, Thai square. If you want to explore the entire menu of desserts then you must visit this place.

Savour the World-class Cuisine: Best Thai Restaurants in London

Savour the World-class Cuisine: Best Thai Restaurants in London

Thai food is considered as one of the world’s most exotic cuisines, which is unparalleled in its blend of flavours and aroma. Known for its spicy edge in dishes, the food generally involves 3 to 5 fundamental taste senses in each dish. With ever-increasing international popularity, the cuisine is rich in appearance and has high nutritional standards as well. So, here we go, sharing some of the best Thai restaurants in London that you must consider.

1. 101 Thai Kitchen: For the Love of Thai Food
One of the most authentic Thai restaurants in London, 101 Thai Kitchen has a number of lip-smacking listings on its menu. Here you can find multiple versions of green papaya salad along with an exclusive collection of southern Thai dishes ranging from prawn curry to turmeric marinated sea bass. The restaurant also keeps you surrounded with an ambiance filled with Thai culture while you relish their signature food.

2. Begging Bowl: Thai Food with a Difference
Opened in 2012, the restaurant has a reputation of serving an unusual menu, just like its name. Here you can enjoy tasty Thai street food along with a few common Thai delicacies. Also, some western ingredients have been given Thai treatment to produce scrumptious dishes like trout in sour orange curry and fennel & chicory with a relish of minced pork. Apart from a few familiar dishes, most of the menu seems like a breath of fresh air. Their young staff is very enthusiastic and customer-friendly.

3. Thai Square Restaurant: All About Flavours and Aroma
One of the best restaurants in London for Thai food, Thai Square offers traditional and authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant has eleven branches in London alone and is fast expanding to get its presence felt across the UK. The appeal of Thai food mainly lies in fresh flavours. Keeping this in mind, the restaurant uses only those fresh Thai ingredients, which are flown in daily from Thailand. The chefs and staff are very friendly and are more than happy to tone down the spicy flavours for diners who have a more European taste. The award-winning restaurant serves all its dishes at highly competitive prices.

Where to head for the Best Lounge & Bar Experience in Soho, London?

Where to head for the Best Lounge & Bar Experience in Soho, London?

London is famous for its fashion sense, multi-cuisine restaurants and nightlife. Talking about Soho, this place is home to the best lounges and bars in London and gathers the attention of a massive numbers of revelers. From tourists, club kids, bar crawlers, glamorous girls to all gay parties, you will get to witness everything over here.  Whether you enjoy cabaret nights, trance music or rock and roll, the diverse scene of Soho – the heart of London, will indulge you in its fancy.

So, if you are looking out for a night out at the most happening lounge bar in London, then you should surely visit Rustiko. It is located in Soho, and here is why it is called as the best cocktail bar and pub in London.

1. You get the comfiest interiors in Rustiko

At Rustiko you get a luxurious interior décor with wooden floors, dark walls and dimly lit ambiance, which is very soothing. There is enough room to stretch and relax, and the place has some really comfy sofas with small tables. If you wish to drink at the bar then you can enjoy your drinks while sitting on the bar stools. Or else, the luxurious sofas are a better option to enjoy your drinks and snacks at your table.

2. Rustiko serves best cocktails by most professional Bartenders in London

If you want to enjoy watching professional bartenders mixing your cocktails and serving them straight to your hand, then Rustiko is the place for you. Right from native wine, ginger beer, Margarita, Tequila, Vodka and fruit juice cocktails to coke rum, Rustiko makes for one of the most prime destinations for serving great Italian wine and cocktail preparations. Serving absinthe and the white Russian cocktail with a difference also makes this bar a top choice for alcoholic drink lovers.

3. Rustiko offers mouthwatering Italian food too

Apart from great ambiance and wonderful cocktails, what makes Rustiko one of the best lounge bars in London is its delicious Italian cuisine. From starters, main course dishes to desserts, here you will get an ample variety of Italian cuisine to taste.


A Word of Advice

Just like other lounge bars in Soho, Rustiko too remains crowded during weekends. If you are planning a night out on a weekend then it is better to contact the lounge bar authorities in advance for bookings.

Find Tranquillity in City Life: Best Thai Massage Centres in London

Find Tranquillity in City Life: Best Thai Massage Centres in London

Thai massage is known not just for calming the body muscles but also for impacting the quality of life at a much deeper level. The ancient healing technique is often identified as a method to alter our emotional status and personal outlook. This practise is a rare combination of acupressure and assisted yoga postures. A great stress buster, Thai massage helps you to attain a supreme level of relaxation. There are plenty of therapy centres in London, which provide Thai massage services and we have collated a list of best spas in London to help you make a well-informed choice.

 1. Flower Thai Massage at Daisy Beauty Spa: For the Calm and Composed Self

Situated on the Archway Road, this Thai massage centre offers custom-tailored services to suit your individual needs. There you will find personal beauty rooms, filled with soothing aromatic scents and a calming décor. They have some of the most skilled therapists, who strive to go beyond your expectations. Experience the traditional massage experience that leaves you refreshed and recharged.

2. Thai London Therapy – Marylebone: Heal the Inner You

Based inside Rossmore Spa, the massage centre is just a short walk away from Marylebone station. Their expert therapists offer you a range of massage services based upon your specific requirements. The relaxing ambience there helps your body to heal fast and gives you a feeling of calmness that lingers for a long time. They also offer you waxing services.

3. Thai square spa: All about Aroma, Ambience and Perfection

Offering a professional and calming environment, Thai Square Spa, welcomes you to avail some best-in-class spa and massage services in the town. The décor and ambience seems to be heavily influenced from the Eastern world countries, namely Thailand and Turkey, and it is certainly the most popular Thai massage centre in London. Equipped with five Thai massage rooms and six ritual massage rooms, they offer you a luxurious atmosphere to calm your nerves. They also have one vast VIP suite treatment room furnished with a private relaxation zone and a steam room. With Aromatherapy and Himalayan salt treatments too available here, you can look to unlock new levels of rejuvenation.

Have the Best Wedding Reception: Some Ravishing Venues Near St Paul’s Cathedral

London’s mark of splendour and power, St Paul’s Cathedral is surrounded by some of the best wedding reception venues, which are ideal settings for hosting wedding receptions and dinners. Being blessed with the most magnificent architectural features, the restaurants near St Paul’s are diverse venues with rooftop gardens and corporate facilities. Here are some popular spots you must consider, if you want to make the big event truly memorable!

1. St Martin–within–Ludgate: Beauty with History

Hosting weddings and receptions since ages, St Martin–within–Ludgate offers everything you wish for after a blissful wedding. Built in 8th century, the church will paint your wedding with shades of rich history. To add quirkiness to your celebration, it offers you wooden door cases, the sword rest, reredos, and the pulpit. One of the many striking features of the church include the Bechstein piano, to provide you with the perfect backdrop for a royal-like wedding reception. Built for seating up to 150 guests, this church gives you an astonishing setting for a dream reception.

2. Dion Restaurant and Bar: Fun, Food and Festivity

Distinctive in style, Dion Restaurant and Bar is perfectly suited for grand wedding receptions and is one of the best options for restaurants near St Paul’s. The menu includes the seasonal produce as well as a big range of other options varying from traditional dishes to light salads.  Situated near the St Paul’s Cathedral, Dion brings you the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic historical view, as old as 3000 years. Set over two floors, Dion can accommodate for very large scale celebrations as well.

3. Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite: The Perfect Party Host

The Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite offers you an opportunity to turn your wedding reception into a grand affair. Accommodating all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, this stunning suite is set in Grange St Paul’s Hotel. Equipped with ambient lighting, the Wren suite has the perfect backdrop to fuse in party vibes. Mouth-watering food by the top in-house caterers and its luxurious facilities are sure to make your guests remember your wedding party for a long time.

Listen to the finest session musicians in the World at the most Luxurious Wine Bar in London

If you are looking to get a break from your hectic schedule then nothing would be more relaxing than spending an evening while listening to one of the finest session musicians of the world at Dion – London’s most prestigious wine bar. And not just for a night, but Dion is a perfect place to plan your day out to catch up at lunch with your business colleagues, friends or even with your special someone. The menu of the lunch is a combination of best seasonal ingredients, which are served with the highest standard offering modern British brasserie dishes. From exotic garden fresh salads, hearty sandwiches to traditional English dishes, you will find everything here.

What to expect in evening at the best wine bar in London?

In the evening, Dion offers an extensive range of light snacks and lip-smacking bites, which are especially created for accompanying the exclusive range of drinks.
Dion is one of the best restaurants, which are situated near St. Paul’s Cathedral, offering a wide array of possibilities for parties and gatherings. If you want to enjoy your personal space then you can get areas reserved for yourself within the bar, or alternatively a more private space for some alone time. Dion organizes the best private parties keeping your specific requirements in mind and gives all the attention to even the tiniest details so that your party or event goes just right, according to what you have planned.

AllStars Night- a perfect night to spend with your date

The last Wednesday of every month happens to be the most happening day here. This is the day when the AllStars band gives a live performance at Dion, certainly St. Paul’s best late night bar in London. Here you will get a chance to spend a key date in the City Diary and experience some of the finest session musicians in the world playing live.

Why is Dion the Best Wine Bar in London?

There are a number of fine dine restaurants and wine bars in London, but what makes Dion stand out among the rest is its quality service, courteous staff, AllStars night, its location, and of course the beautiful view that you get to enjoy from there. Dion is situated near St. Paul’s Cathedral; you get the chance to enjoy a view of 300 years of ecclesiastical history from this uniquely located wine bar in London. Dion St Paul’s is a two-floor restaurant, with a large space and a team of experts who are best at their job when it comes to dealing with groups ranging in size from reserved corporate events to larger scale celebrations.