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Try out some of the most authentic Italian dishes in Soho – The heart of London

Try out some of the most authentic Italian dishes in Soho – The heart of London

When we think about London, the first few things that come to our mind are its beautiful landscapes, high-class lifestyle, and amalgamation of diverse cultures and traditions. All these things together make London one of the most happening places in the world, where you can find authentic cuisine from across the globe getting served. From Asian, French to Italian, you will get a fine treat of multi-cultural cuisines in London.

If you are one of those who are obsessed with cheese then you surely cannot resist yourself from having cheesy Italian food, which is served at the Italian restaurants in Soho, London. You must have tried Italian dishes like risotto and pizza but authentic Italian food has a lot to offer apart from all this. This discussion is about Italian dishes. Towards the end we would also be sharing some details about Rustiko, the best Italian restaurant in Soho, London

  1. In case you have quick craving for snacks – Italian Starters are a perfect choice

You get to taste the delicious prawn cocktail – a mix of fresh prawns, vegetables and cheese tossed in salt, vinegar, mayo and creamy avocado. You can also have garden fresh mixed grilled vegetables, Italy’s best salted ricotta cheese, balsamic glaze, dry Parma ham and juicy Cantaloupe melon being served as starters.

  1. Main course meals that will leave you longing for more

Choose from an amazing range of main course meals that include authentic pennette pasta tossed with smoked salmon, artichokes and extra creamy cream or pizza caprese, which is served with fresh tomato, basil toppings and mozzarella cheese and exotic chicken caesar salad.

  1. A sweet treat if you have a sweet tooth

Traditional Italian dessert Panna cotta raspberry is loved by every foodie and is made with thickened cream and gelatine. Coffee, vanilla, and rum are added for a tempting aroma. You can also go for Italian mini doughnuts filled with apple and raisins.

London has a number of Italian restaurants and Rustiko is certainly the finest among them. What makes Rustiko, the best Italian restaurant in London is its traditional Italian food and a friendly environment where you can feel like being at home. Rustiko philosophy is to bring the vintage Soho experience back to London, and they look forward to share it with you!