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Where to head for the Best Lounge & Bar Experience in Soho, London?

Where to head for the Best Lounge & Bar Experience in Soho, London?

London is famous for its fashion sense, multi-cuisine restaurants and nightlife. Talking about Soho, this place is home to the best lounges and bars in London and gathers the attention of a massive numbers of revelers. From tourists, club kids, bar crawlers, glamorous girls to all gay parties, you will get to witness everything over here.  Whether you enjoy cabaret nights, trance music or rock and roll, the diverse scene of Soho – the heart of London, will indulge you in its fancy.

So, if you are looking out for a night out at the most happening lounge bar in London, then you should surely visit Rustiko. It is located in Soho, and here is why it is called as the best cocktail bar and pub in London.

1. You get the comfiest interiors in Rustiko

At Rustiko you get a luxurious interior décor with wooden floors, dark walls and dimly lit ambiance, which is very soothing. There is enough room to stretch and relax, and the place has some really comfy sofas with small tables. If you wish to drink at the bar then you can enjoy your drinks while sitting on the bar stools. Or else, the luxurious sofas are a better option to enjoy your drinks and snacks at your table.

2. Rustiko serves best cocktails by most professional Bartenders in London

If you want to enjoy watching professional bartenders mixing your cocktails and serving them straight to your hand, then Rustiko is the place for you. Right from native wine, ginger beer, Margarita, Tequila, Vodka and fruit juice cocktails to coke rum, Rustiko makes for one of the most prime destinations for serving great Italian wine and cocktail preparations. Serving absinthe and the white Russian cocktail with a difference also makes this bar a top choice for alcoholic drink lovers.

3. Rustiko offers mouthwatering Italian food too

Apart from great ambiance and wonderful cocktails, what makes Rustiko one of the best lounge bars in London is its delicious Italian cuisine. From starters, main course dishes to desserts, here you will get an ample variety of Italian cuisine to taste.


A Word of Advice

Just like other lounge bars in Soho, Rustiko too remains crowded during weekends. If you are planning a night out on a weekend then it is better to contact the lounge bar authorities in advance for bookings.


Have the Best Wedding Reception: Some Ravishing Venues Near St Paul’s Cathedral

London’s mark of splendour and power, St Paul’s Cathedral is surrounded by some of the best wedding reception venues, which are ideal settings for hosting wedding receptions and dinners. Being blessed with the most magnificent architectural features, the restaurants near St Paul’s are diverse venues with rooftop gardens and corporate facilities. Here are some popular spots you must consider, if you want to make the big event truly memorable!

1. St Martin–within–Ludgate: Beauty with History

Hosting weddings and receptions since ages, St Martin–within–Ludgate offers everything you wish for after a blissful wedding. Built in 8th century, the church will paint your wedding with shades of rich history. To add quirkiness to your celebration, it offers you wooden door cases, the sword rest, reredos, and the pulpit. One of the many striking features of the church include the Bechstein piano, to provide you with the perfect backdrop for a royal-like wedding reception. Built for seating up to 150 guests, this church gives you an astonishing setting for a dream reception.

2. Dion Restaurant and Bar: Fun, Food and Festivity

Distinctive in style, Dion Restaurant and Bar is perfectly suited for grand wedding receptions and is one of the best options for restaurants near St Paul’s. The menu includes the seasonal produce as well as a big range of other options varying from traditional dishes to light salads.  Situated near the St Paul’s Cathedral, Dion brings you the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic historical view, as old as 3000 years. Set over two floors, Dion can accommodate for very large scale celebrations as well.

3. Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite: The Perfect Party Host

The Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite offers you an opportunity to turn your wedding reception into a grand affair. Accommodating all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, this stunning suite is set in Grange St Paul’s Hotel. Equipped with ambient lighting, the Wren suite has the perfect backdrop to fuse in party vibes. Mouth-watering food by the top in-house caterers and its luxurious facilities are sure to make your guests remember your wedding party for a long time.