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Two must-have Traditional Thai Desserts at the best Thai restaurant in London

London offers a variety of cuisines to relish the taste buds of travellers coming from different parts of the world. Thai food is one of the most loved menu options here. However, not many people know that Thai food is not just about signature dishes like Pad Thai or Som tum (green papaya salad). There is much more to look for in Thai cuisine such as Thai desserts. Here we are telling you about two traditional Thai desserts that you must taste at Thai Square, one of the most authentic Thai restaurant in London.

1. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a mouth-watering and simple-to-cook summer dessert from Thailand. It is one of the most common Thai desserts, which is served both at the streets of Thailand and high-class Thai restaurants in London. The main ingredients of this dish are mango, sticky rice, sugar, and coconut cream. Preparation involves soaking the rice first, and then cooking it in thick coconut cream and sugar. Served with ripe mango slices with some topping of grated coconut and coconut cream, this Thai dessert not just looks delightful but also tastes very delicious.

2. Bua loy

Bua loy literally means “floating lotus”. Bua loy is a soupy dessert, which is made with thick coconut milk and glutinous rice flour. First, the coconut milk is cooked with sugar and salt. Then the flour is kneaded and tiny balls are made. The flour balls are then cooked in sweetened coconut milk and they can be filled with taro or sesame seeds. Pumpkin is an optional choice; you can have the one with both rice flour balls and pumpkin, or the one without it. The balls are soft but chewy. Bua loy is a common street treat found on the streets of Thailand and is also served as an authentic Thai dessert at Thai restaurants in London.

These are a few of those lip-smacking Thai desserts, which are served in the best Thai restaurant in London, Thai square. If you want to explore the entire menu of desserts then you must visit this place.