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Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

When travelling around the world, you’re certain to come to an authentic cuisine restaurant along the way. When customs differ extensively from place to place, it can be real tough to know how to follow the dining etiquettes. It is surprising to know that forks can be put in your mouth while eating French food but not while eating Thai food. There’s no usual need to use chopsticks either. Although you won’t see arcane cutlery or tightly buttoned collars, there are certain things about Thai table manners that diverge from western food conducts. We discuss some dos and don’ts which you should keep in mind while savouring your taste buds in a Thai restaurant.

– Do Eat with Your Spoon and Not Your Fork
There’s nothing wrong to stab the fork on a meat steak, but that is considered tacky. All the eating is supposed to be done with the fork. The fork is only used to push the food onto the spoon and then use the spoon for eating the food. Also, don’t look for knife, you won’t need one. Everything will already be cut up for you.

– Do Finish Everything on Your Plate
It is considered a decent behaviour to finish everything on your plate. Since Thai food is prepared after hours of toil, it leaves a good impression on the chef that you actually liked the food. And it also provides you a complete value for your money.

– Don’t Slurp
Slurping noodles is a part of Japanese tradition and is highly unacceptable in Thai culture. Eating noodles quietly is considered good manners. So next time you order Pad Thai in your favourite Thai restaurant, avoid slurping.

– Don’t Ask for Chopsticks
Use the chopsticks all you want, if they are provided. But do not ask for them in case they aren’t there. Thais use chopsticks only to eat bowl-served noodles. Dishes like pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao, Pad See Ew or any other noodle dish is generally served in a flat plate and is supposed to be eaten with spoon and fork.

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Demystifying Thai Food for Newbies

Demystifying Thai Food for Newbies

Thai cuisine is incredibly delicious and assorted – no wonder it is one of the most favoured takeout choices in the world. It has been gathering positive remarks across the globe. No matter where you live or if you have been to Thailand or not, Thai food is truly international. Bold, pungent and carrying a unique flavour, Thai cuisine is one of the most preferred ones in London, whether on street or in traditional Thai food restaurants. You will find many colours and ingredients in simple Thai dishes as they are cooked with garden fresh vegetables, herbs like mint, lemon grass, meat and each dish has some major flavours including sweet, salty, sour and spicy.

This discussion is an overview of most popular Thai dishes and will introduce you with the basics and give ideas of what to order on your first visit to a Thai restaurant.

1. Soups for Starters
Thai soups are flavoured with herbs and ingredients like galangal (ginger roots) and lemongrass, which are not strained out and you are not supposed to eat them. They are added to give your soup a nice flavour. One of the most common Thai soups is Tom Yum – considered to be the national aroma of Thailand. It is prepared with an abundance of fragrant herbs which include lime leaves, galangal, shallots and lemongrass. The flavour is further complemented and enriched with jumbo shrimps and mushrooms in order to create this truly remarkable Thai dish.

2. Noodles and Rice Dishes
Noodles and rice are one of the tastiest and most recognizable Thai dishes. For first timers, Pad Thai is a good option to start with as it is foreign enough to be unacquainted and generally well-liked. Pad Thai- the quintessential Thai dish is cooked with flat rice noodles, broccoli and chicken stir fried in soy and fish sauce. Rice can be paired with any soup and curry. You will find a wide range of desserts in which the main ingredient is rice. You can start with Thai egg fried rice tossed with fresh chilies, vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, dry chili and ground peanuts.

3. Curries
Thai curry is pleasingly sweet and slightly spicy – it instantly fascinates the hearts and stomachs of all those who sample this chef-d’oeuvre of oriental cuisine. This dish incorporates many fresh ingredients like herbs, vegetables and meat. What distinguishes Thai curries from other Asian curries is coconut milk, which adds a sweet and creamy flavour. For beginners, Massaman curry would be the best choice as it contains roasted peanuts, potatoes, cinnamon, sugar, bay leaves, tamarind sauce and you can choose between tofu and meat. Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves add even more distinct flavouring.

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