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Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

Thai Dining Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts While Eating in a Thai Restaurant

When travelling around the world, you’re certain to come to an authentic cuisine restaurant along the way. When customs differ extensively from place to place, it can be real tough to know how to follow the dining etiquettes. It is surprising to know that forks can be put in your mouth while eating French food but not while eating Thai food. There’s no usual need to use chopsticks either. Although you won’t see arcane cutlery or tightly buttoned collars, there are certain things about Thai table manners that diverge from western food conducts. We discuss some dos and don’ts which you should keep in mind while savouring your taste buds in a Thai restaurant.

– Do Eat with Your Spoon and Not Your Fork
There’s nothing wrong to stab the fork on a meat steak, but that is considered tacky. All the eating is supposed to be done with the fork. The fork is only used to push the food onto the spoon and then use the spoon for eating the food. Also, don’t look for knife, you won’t need one. Everything will already be cut up for you.

– Do Finish Everything on Your Plate
It is considered a decent behaviour to finish everything on your plate. Since Thai food is prepared after hours of toil, it leaves a good impression on the chef that you actually liked the food. And it also provides you a complete value for your money.

– Don’t Slurp
Slurping noodles is a part of Japanese tradition and is highly unacceptable in Thai culture. Eating noodles quietly is considered good manners. So next time you order Pad Thai in your favourite Thai restaurant, avoid slurping.

– Don’t Ask for Chopsticks
Use the chopsticks all you want, if they are provided. But do not ask for them in case they aren’t there. Thais use chopsticks only to eat bowl-served noodles. Dishes like pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao, Pad See Ew or any other noodle dish is generally served in a flat plate and is supposed to be eaten with spoon and fork.

Thai Square for a True Thai Experience

Thai square has many feathers to its hat, being a multiple time award winner for ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ and much more honorary accomplishments. Now opened at the posh area of Richmond, London, the restaurant is pleasuring the taste buds of thousands. One of the most reputed Richmond restaurants, the eatery keeps the dishes 100% authentic and ambience Thai inspired, to give you a pure Thai experience.


Two must-have Traditional Thai Desserts at the best Thai restaurant in London

London offers a variety of cuisines to relish the taste buds of travellers coming from different parts of the world. Thai food is one of the most loved menu options here. However, not many people know that Thai food is not just about signature dishes like Pad Thai or Som tum (green papaya salad). There is much more to look for in Thai cuisine such as Thai desserts. Here we are telling you about two traditional Thai desserts that you must taste at Thai Square, one of the most authentic Thai restaurant in London.

1. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a mouth-watering and simple-to-cook summer dessert from Thailand. It is one of the most common Thai desserts, which is served both at the streets of Thailand and high-class Thai restaurants in London. The main ingredients of this dish are mango, sticky rice, sugar, and coconut cream. Preparation involves soaking the rice first, and then cooking it in thick coconut cream and sugar. Served with ripe mango slices with some topping of grated coconut and coconut cream, this Thai dessert not just looks delightful but also tastes very delicious.

2. Bua loy

Bua loy literally means “floating lotus”. Bua loy is a soupy dessert, which is made with thick coconut milk and glutinous rice flour. First, the coconut milk is cooked with sugar and salt. Then the flour is kneaded and tiny balls are made. The flour balls are then cooked in sweetened coconut milk and they can be filled with taro or sesame seeds. Pumpkin is an optional choice; you can have the one with both rice flour balls and pumpkin, or the one without it. The balls are soft but chewy. Bua loy is a common street treat found on the streets of Thailand and is also served as an authentic Thai dessert at Thai restaurants in London.

These are a few of those lip-smacking Thai desserts, which are served in the best Thai restaurant in London, Thai square. If you want to explore the entire menu of desserts then you must visit this place.

Savour the World-class Cuisine: Best Thai Restaurants in London

Savour the World-class Cuisine: Best Thai Restaurants in London

Thai food is considered as one of the world’s most exotic cuisines, which is unparalleled in its blend of flavours and aroma. Known for its spicy edge in dishes, the food generally involves 3 to 5 fundamental taste senses in each dish. With ever-increasing international popularity, the cuisine is rich in appearance and has high nutritional standards as well. So, here we go, sharing some of the best Thai restaurants in London that you must consider.

1. 101 Thai Kitchen: For the Love of Thai Food
One of the most authentic Thai restaurants in London, 101 Thai Kitchen has a number of lip-smacking listings on its menu. Here you can find multiple versions of green papaya salad along with an exclusive collection of southern Thai dishes ranging from prawn curry to turmeric marinated sea bass. The restaurant also keeps you surrounded with an ambiance filled with Thai culture while you relish their signature food.

2. Begging Bowl: Thai Food with a Difference
Opened in 2012, the restaurant has a reputation of serving an unusual menu, just like its name. Here you can enjoy tasty Thai street food along with a few common Thai delicacies. Also, some western ingredients have been given Thai treatment to produce scrumptious dishes like trout in sour orange curry and fennel & chicory with a relish of minced pork. Apart from a few familiar dishes, most of the menu seems like a breath of fresh air. Their young staff is very enthusiastic and customer-friendly.

3. Thai Square Restaurant: All About Flavours and Aroma
One of the best restaurants in London for Thai food, Thai Square offers traditional and authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant has eleven branches in London alone and is fast expanding to get its presence felt across the UK. The appeal of Thai food mainly lies in fresh flavours. Keeping this in mind, the restaurant uses only those fresh Thai ingredients, which are flown in daily from Thailand. The chefs and staff are very friendly and are more than happy to tone down the spicy flavours for diners who have a more European taste. The award-winning restaurant serves all its dishes at highly competitive prices.